Dervishi, Saniyam Ismail, Zulyar Kadyrov – Amannisahan.

There is no present without the past …

What’s in your name, Amannisa Khan? The cultural code of the ancient people, carefully collected in the Twelve Muqams and passed onto future generations. Does everyone know this?

To pay tribute to the folk heroine of the Uyghur ethnos, this is the task that I set myself as a musician, composer and producer. «Amannisa Khan» is whispered to me by the rustle of leaves, the breath of the wind, the murmur of a spring, they convey the melody of her satar and her beautiful voice.

That is why my new project was born — a song dedicated to the memory of the national heroine. She lived a short life (1534-1567), but her contribution as a great poetess and musician to the cultural and genetic code of the Uyghur people perpetuated the invaluable heritage — the Twelve Muqams. Amannisa Khan is truly the «queen of music», a symbol of deep love and devotion to art and the Motherland.

The music that I have been writing for almost thirty years is based on folklore — Uyghur folk music, the heritage that our ancestors have carefully passed down from generation to generation. And I, the son of the Uyghur people, want to pay tribute to Amannisa Khan, a great personality from the distant past.

As the creator of the project, I express my deep gratitude to the team that, together with me, brought the idea to life:

Saniyam Ismail, lyrics author and performer of the song «Amannisa Khan»,

Zulyar Kadyrov, classical singer,

Diana Samyken, back vocalist,

Zhandos Yestai, guitarist,

sound engineer Ivan Fedotchev,

Rustam Musayev, production designer,

Hashim -aka Kurbanov, who played the role of the folk instruments master in the video,

Leila Imenova, as character of beautiful Amannisa Khan,

Erkebulan Kuanyshbaev, director-cameraman,

Victoria Stanevich, makeup artist,

and Raimzhan Khamraev.

Special thanks to Ruslan Asimov for his support in the creation of this video.

The past of our people is in our hearts. It inspires and guides us in difficult times, fills us with light and moves us to creativity.

Let us honor and remember our ancestors, appreciate and preserve the priceless heritage.

Dilmurat Bakharov

Composer, arranger, singer, producer